My approach to cuisine is fresh and simple. I use top quality ingredients sourced locally from relationships with artisans in the community. I must know what I am cooking – how the animal was raised and taken care of. I prepare eclectic American-inspired food using only a few ingredients per dish with the prefect balance of seasoning. I don’t mask the ingredients, but build on them to create clean flavors with a natural approach.

Fresh, natural food tastes better. Plus, I believe in supporting our local farmers and those practicing sustainable agriculture. Balance in life, nature and food is difficult, but it is worth the effort.  When I cook, I expect to discover something memorable, not just for myself, but for the diner experiencing my creations. I aim to open the world of food to everyone.

I have a working formula rooted in American and French techniques, but I am a chef with new-era thinking. I pair foods from diverse global regions, while maintaining the cultural integrity of each. The true challenge for the 21st century chef is to use them innovatively. Personally, I strive for an egalitarian expression of foods and tastes from around the world, and from our backyard.

Modern food is not just a reflection of a single culture. My goal is to expand the creative boundaries of any meal by matching components from varying cultures that most chefs would never imagine. The result? Fine, subtle combinations that yield daring new dishes.

My meals make a statement and please both the eye and the palate.

These are my cooking principles and best practices. Food is fun and one of life’s best little pleasures. Let’s enjoy it together!